Aquamenities Amenity Fixtures

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Aquamenities has created the first sophisticated amenity fixture designed to provide your property with a refined solution to reach sustainability goals. The tamper-resistant stainless steel fixture allows you to feature your choice of branded or customized amenities for your luxury guests, elegantly limiting your carbon footprint while enhancing the overall guest experience. Each fixture includes two sets of custom bottles with stainless steel or plastic pumps, mounting tape and keys – one set is always in the guest bath, while one set is always full in housekeeping, ready to be installed.
1061511 – 1-Bottle Fixture, 9-oz. bottle
1061512 – 2-Bottle Fixture, 9-oz. bottles
1061513 – 3-Bottle Fixture, 9-oz. bottles
1061515 – 4-Bottle Fixture, 9-oz. bottles
1061514 – 3-Bottle Fixture, 16-oz. bottles

Aquamenities Amenity Fixture System

More than just a pretty facade. Behind the subtle styling lies bold sophistication with a protective soul. Simple fixtures appear to be only a place to access amenities, but pull back the curtain to find much more than what meets the eye. Aquamenities has become a true champion of preserving precious resources by aiding you in reducing your property’s overall carbon footprint with a line of products designed to minimize waste, while maintaining a luxurious profile.