Beekman 1802™ Amenity Collection

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Features subtle fragrances and formulas gentle enough for everyday use. Appealing to women and men, the aroma blends top notes of bergamot, citrus and oral with heart notes of ginger and tea, and base notes of wood and musk. Made with purified water and natural ingredients – no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, diethanolamine, paraffin, or banned phthalates. All products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Bottles and boxes are 100% recyclable.


1027526 – Shampoo
1027530 – Conditioner
1027527 – Shower Gel
107529 – Lotion


1005324 – Shampoo
1005323 – Conditioner
1005325 – Shower Gel
1005319 – Lotion


1027528 – Cleansing Bar, 1 oz., flow-wrap
1027525 – Face & Body Bar, 1.3 oz., box
1005321 – Bath Bar, 2 oz., flow-wrap

Cultivating a Better Life

Create a better experience for your guests with artisan amenities freshly made in America. The collection is inspired by the natural simplicity of life on the beautiful, historic Beekman 1802 farm, nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York. Every product is made with simple, natural ingredients, like rich, creamy goat’s milk and garden botanicals that nourish the body, face and hair, highlighted by a subtle fresh citrus and green fragrance. Founded in 2008, Beekman 1802™ has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the U.S. Its owners, Josh and Brent, live nearby on the historic farm where many of the products are created. They are continually inspired by the land and the small community in which they live and work to build something lasting.