Custom Woven Monogram Towel Collection

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Elegance your guests can see – and feel. Your hotel’s monogram appears gently etched into velvety strands of pure 100% combed ring-spun cotton. Unlike any other personalization process, ours requires no embroidering. Once you select the weight and sizes, ultra-plush towels are then custom woven with a technique by which the design is created using the weft or base of the fabric, lending a distinct sculpted appearance. Longer lead times required. Order minimums apply.

A Monogram Sets the Standard

In a single glance, travelers the world over will know they’re on the trip of a lifetime. No other finery makes as lasting an impression as a monogram. For centuries, the world’s elite have adorned their most prized possessions with grand monograms, signifying their place in society. Monogramming continues to impart a sense of importance, prestige, and status. Our innovative method goes above and beyond its ancestors.