Luxury Stainless Steel Luggage Racks

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Eye-catching luggage racks add an upscale look to your guest room décor. Racks have an attractive polished stainless steel frame with black leatherette straps. Available with or without a backrest.
1060223 – Without Backrest – 23.6" x 19.5" x 22.6"
1060224 – With Backrest – 23.6" x 23" x 22.6"

Luxury & Custom Luggage Racks

The world’s top hotels and resorts take great pride and care in handling their guests’ precious belongings – and your property is no exception. Now you can extend that care beyond the lobby by placing handsome custom-designed Luxury & Custom Luggage Racks racks in rooms for guests to place their luggage on as they enter and begin unpacking. Highly polished stainless steel pairs with exceptional craftsmanship to hold these racks at the most exacting luxury standards.

Custom Luggage Racks

Perhaps a special design would better suit your property. You can customize luggage racks with an array fine materials, exquisite finishes and tailored touches. After all, what exemplifies luxury more than an exclusive design?