Mad Men Guest Room Collection

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Mad Men is a perfect example of retro design tailored for today’s interiors. Modernized pieces feature the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Upholstery-grade, waterproof fabrics elegantly cover the exteriors of sturdy buckets and receptacles. Available in classic Linen and Charcoal.

ICE BUCKETS, 2 QT., 6" Dia. x 8.5" H

1028892 – Ball Top Lid, Linen
1028906 – Stainless Steel Cover, Linen
1028915 – Ball Top Lid, Charcoal
1028900 – Stainless Steel Cover, Charcoal

ICE BUCKETS, 3 QT., 7.5" Dia. x 7.1" H

1028893 – Ball Top Lid, Linen
1028904 – Stainless Steel Cover, Linen
1028894 – Bar Top Lid, Charcoal
1028911 – Stainless Steel Cover, Charcoal

WASTEBASKETS, 13 QT., 7.5" W x 13.9" H x 10" L

1028890 – Oval, Linen
1028901 – Oval, Charcoal

Mad Men Collection

Epic accessories reflect an era when the occasional cocktail between meetings was not only enjoyable, but expected. Madison Avenue ad execs wouldn’t dare be caught without the finest accoutrements. Fast forward to find an updated, yet equally refined executive-inspired collection, tailored to the luxury traveler’s lifestyle. Now, when the desire to indulge arises, your most exclusive clientele can raise a toast to the future while respectfully tipping their hats to the past.