Truefitt & Hill® Amenity Collection

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Carefully crafted in England, these fine products are formulated with an exquisite blend of rare, natural and sophisticated essences in an enticing sandalwood scent. This offering includes hair and bath products as well as a shaving kit to provide a daily grooming ritual for discerning guests.


1060567 – Hair Shampoo
1060564 – Hair Conditioner
1060562 – Body Wash
1061802 – Moisturizing Lotion


1060563 – Soap, .88 oz., box


1054297 – Shaving Kit

A Distinctive Tradition of Excellence

The result of over 200 years of research and nurturing intimate customer relationships, prestigious Trueffitt & Hill products embody the essence of British heritage at its nest. Established in 1805, Trueffitt & Hill remains the world’s oldest barbershop and a Royal Warrant Holder to The Duke of Edinburgh in recognition for its superlative service and quality products. With centuries of expertise in each bottle, your guests have the opportunity to look and feel their best.

By Royal Appointment

Since the days of George III, Trueffitt & Hill have been honored to include amongst their clientele members of the British Royal Family, as well as other legendary figures from the world of arts and entertainment. Recognized figures, such as Charles Dickens, Lord Byron and Alfred Hitchcock, and celebrated actors, like John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Cary Grant have all enjoyed the timeless tradition of Truefitt & Hill.