UltraView™ Outdoor TV

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The UltraView Outdoor TV is an all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living. Weather-resistant and maintenance-free, it withstands temperature fluctuations from -24°F to 122°F. With full HD 1080P resolution, UltraView provides a clear, crisp picture even in bright ambient light. It’s perfect under a covered patio or an awning by the pool. Treat your guests to quality outdoor entertainment with UltraView.
1076795 – 49" – 44.4" x 25.9" x 4.15"
1076794 – 55" – 50.4" x 29.6" x 4.15"

Outdoor LED Televisions

Fair-weather fans will be thrilled to find their favorite entertainment onscreen in the great outdoors, whether at a beach club, rooftop lounge or other open-air setting. Specially designed for outdoor use, these all-weather TVs are sure to impress sports- and movie-loving guests alike. With all the stunning features of their indoor counterparts, and a few to keep them safe and dry, these models aren’t afraid to take the party outside. Go ahead – it’s a Peerless-AV®.