Wit® Mesh Chairs by SitOnIt Seating™

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Exceptional comfort with a modern twist. Wit chairs may look simple, but they are anything but. A clever combination of useful features and intelligent value all come together in the Wit® collection with integrated adjustable lumbar support. Standard with a sleek mesh-back in a variety of colors. Padded Thintex™ material available for additional comfort, support, and a pillow like feel with a 2" thick upholstered back. Consider ordering with brushed aluminum bases, for an ultra-modern touch. Made in the USA.


1018782 – Height/Width-Adjustable Arms – 26" x 40.75" x 25"
1018784 – Fixed Arms – 26" x 40.75" x 25"
1018785 – Armless – 25" x 40.75" x 25"


1018781 – Fixed Arms – 25" x 36.75" x 25"
1018783 – Armless – 25" x 36.75" x 25"

Wit® Mesh-Back Chair

Smart in every way, Wit sculpts an artistic facet into its already distinctive character with seemingly endless custom possibilities. Considering the vast palette of bold fabrics and its sleek, contoured lines, this exceptionally designed chair is deserving of a spot on the art scene. Best seen aside the grandest desks or gathered around upscale conference tables, Wit chairs not only look the sophisticated part, but play it, too.