ZENTS Amenity Collection

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ZENTS is expertly crafted with pure, result-driven formulas packed with hydrators and luxe organic botanicals that revitalize the skin and hair. Guests will experience multiple gentle aromas during their daily bathing ritual – a sensory journey through six beautifully compatible scents. This multi-scent approach wrapped in beautiful elegant packaging gives your guests more to love.

1.01 oz. tubes

1064355 – Shampoo
1064353– Conditioner
1064354 – Body Wash
1064352 – Lotion

1.7 oz. tubes

1064589 – Shampoo
1064592 – Conditioner
1064590 – Body Wash
1064591 – Lotion
1060465 – Facial Soap, 1.06 oz.
1060467 – Bath Soap, 1.76 oz.

Born Out of Healing

With each day comes new possibilities, and new ways to spread the blessing of good health. ZENTS amenity collection takes your guest experience to a new level for those who demand only the best. Its organic quench treatments and ultra-hydrating formulas are found only in the most renowned spas around the globe. Expertly created and full of intelligent new concepts, ZENTS brings gentle scents and a healing spirit to personal care.

The Miracle of Health

After founder Cord Coen’s life-changing car accident left him with chronic pain and an almost complete loss of smell, he spent an entire year in India following a rigorous schedule of yoga, meditation and herbal treatments. Miraculously, his pain subsided, his sense of smell returned, and his body healed. Cord felt so lucky to be given a second chance at healing that he wanted to pass on this gift to others. The ZENTS collection brings his vision to life, with powerful formulations and incredible ingredients that truly transform the skin and body.

Find Your ZEN...

Experience ZENT’s collection of renewing and pure formulas crafted with hydrators and luxe organic botanicals in six sophisticated scents.